Happy 58th Birthday

I spent my birthday at the Southwest Learning Conference. It was great seeing old friends and listening to key speakers in the adult education/training arena but I have apparently been at home too long. I found myself being skeptical about some of the speaker comments and suggestions. One especially got me to thinking when a lady asked what would happen if instructional designers don’t adapt to new methodologies. The speaker answered her by asking her what would an unemployed ID do to impact the world. Hmmm – I am an unemployed ID and I think I am making more of an impact now than I was when working 60-70 hours/week. Now I am able to keep grandchildren and help out, make cupcakes for fund-raisers, share food/meals with others, help with online courses for e-learning for Kids, make cards for two volunteer organizations, take care of my mom daily, and other things I wouldn’t be able to do as an employed ID. It started me thinking, do I really want back in the corporate world or will I make more of an impact and leave more of a legacy as I am now?

lighthouseYesterday I made this card and wrote a note to a young man who is battling cancer and the ability to gain weight. I was able to share my story and hopefully provide some encouragement. I think God is leading me to a new chapter in my life and had to shake me up and get my attention to make me leave the last one.