First of Many

I got my first package off to OWH yesterday. It was only 33 cards and 3 Any Hero cards, but I hope it will be the first of many. I came home and made four Happy Birthday cards like the one below to celebrate! 🙂



Sending the First Package to OWH

I’m so excited to be finalizing my first package for Operation Write Home. I’m looking forward to taking it to the Post Office tomorrow! It’s only about 35 cards, but I know they will be appreciated. Here are a few that will be included that I haven’t previously shared.


miss you kitty


Christmas and Valentine Cards

I made Christmas cards for us
and for Mom.

But the funny part is now I’m crunching to get Valentine Cards made for Operation Write Home. The December 31st deadline seems odd until you consider they have to be packaged to go overseas, the service personnel choose them, write their message and they come back to the US. The cards we make are well traveled and hopefully enjoyed. Here is one of the Valentine cards-I think it’s obvious I like puns. 🙂